West Virginia Professor put on leave for comments about Trump supporters

Marshall University

HUNTINGTON, WV (AP) — A university professor who told her students in West Virginia that she hopes people who attend political rallies without masks get the coronavirus and die has been placed on administrative leave.

The video posted on social media last week identifies the professor as Jennifer Mosher, who teaches at Marshall University in Huntington, West Virginia.

“Wearing a mask is serious,” Mosher starts off saying in the video before mentioning a “certain person” who was holding indoor rallies where people didn’t wear a mask.

“I’ve become the type of person where I hope they all get it and die,” Mosher said. She then mentions previously telling someone that she hopes “they all die before the election” adding “that’s the only saving hope I have right now.”

Mosher does not name President Donald Trump or his supporters in this clip, but does cite them in other clips that also were posted on social media.

A university statement Friday says the professor who made the “overtly political statement” during a classroom session was on administrative leave pending an investigation.

Marshall University President Dr. Jerome A. Gilbert issued another statement on Monday as Trump supporters shared the clips, saying he abhors “the actions of individuals who spew hate, intolerance, and incivility.”

“Marshall University will not tolerate its employees using the classroom or other platforms to express hate toward individuals or wish harm on them because of their political beliefs or other opinions,” Gilbert said.

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