West Virginia Girls, RISE UP!

PRINCETON, WV – Sen. Capito hosted her 15th Girls Rise Up event at Oakvale elementary school today.

Before the event began Sen Capito went on a tour of the school, guided by two student media leaders. Making a visit to each classroom to interact with the students and  see what they were learning. After the tour she began her event empowering the young girls of West Virginia. Starting off by introducing and telling the girls about who she is and what she does. Throughout the event Sen. Capito taught the girls about education, fitness, and self confidence. The girls were asked how what they could do to achieve self confidence and then they were put to the test…

” This is important to me as the first united states senator that’s a woman.  I want to inspire the next generation of leaders of women leaders to be strong, involved, and try to achieve and they’re already on their way.” Said Sen. Capito

The girls were given an assignment before the event ended. The West Virginia Girls Rise Up Challenge, thinking of and writing ways that they can continue to grow, challenge their selves, and Rise Up!

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