West Virginia crew of filmmakers prepare to launch new movie in Huntington and Fayette County areas

FAYETTE COUNTY, WV (WOAY) – A new feature-length film, Two Steps Back is coming to the Huntington and Fayetteville West Virginia areas.

An award-winning filmmaker and West Virginia native David Smith, along with a crew of talent that has brought the spotlight to the Appalachians prior are about to undertake the production process for the film.

It’s a comedy-drama that’s all about going for success while facing the struggle of leaving home.

“It’s instilled in us from a young age, at least in the arts, that to be successful you have to have a show or a movie that’s seen everywhere, and the ways to do that are to go to the big hubs like New York or L.A,” says filmmaker David Smith.

In the film, a community theater actor living in Huntington has decided to leave home. In an effort to pursue her dream of moving to New York City to perform on Broadway, she ends up having to move back in with her parents instead.

Smith says that while it will be a film every young creative can relate to, it particularly focuses on elements of West Virginia artists trying to make it big.

“When I’m making a movie I’m trying to express myself and show what the world and the life I experience is,” Smith says. “I’ve seen a lot of great movies that are set here, but at the same time, a lot of times when you see West Virginia depicted on film it’s not the West Virginia that I know, and so I want to show people more of the environment that I experience and my friends experience.”

The cast and crew plan to start filming in June. They are asking people in the Huntington and Fayette County areas for help.

Along with helping out with some of the funding for production, they are inviting any businesses in those areas to join them in the process. By allowing the crew to film at their locations, it’s not only helping them to make a great movie but to help show the world what West Virginia is all about.

The crew is currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo. Those who are interested in donating to the movie or finding out more about it can visit Two Steps Back on their website, or you can email twostepsbackwvfilm@gmail.com.

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