West Virginia Board of Education President L. Paul Hardesty responds to Hope Scholarship decision

Charleston, WV (WOAY)- West Virginia Board of Education (BOE) President L. Paul Hardesty shared his thoughts in an open letter following the state Supreme Court’s decision to approve the Hope Scholarship Act.

Hardesty states the BOW respects the Court’s decision and plans to move forward with the legislation as soon as possible.

“I am confident that this Legislature and this Governor will continue to fund public education at adequate levels,” says Hardesty.

“It is time for the West Virginia Board of Education to focus on basic-student achievement with a renewed focus on math, reading, writing, and English language arts.”

The Board urges the State Superintendent and the Department of Education to work with West Virginia Officials to smoothly implement the Hope Scholarship program statewide.

“It will be our focus going forward to support all counties to ensure our children are provided every opportunity to learn in a safe, productive environment,” Hardesty states.

“Our goal remains to provide the best education possible so that children can have fulfilling lives by pursuing educational, military, and career options after graduation and serve as a robust driver of our state’s economy.”


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