West Virginia #1 in country for "binge racing" Netflix shows

(BY: GARY LEVIN, USA TODAY) – How quickly do you consume full seasons of Netflix series?

If you watch within 24 hours of their (typical) Friday release, you’re one of 8.4 million subscribers the streaming giant has dubbed ‘binge-racers,’ so desperate to be in the know — and ahead of the game on social media — that you’ll spend as much as 13 of those hours in front of a screen. Most do it only once, but one hardy U.S. subscriber has binge-raced through 36 series this year alone.

The notoriously secretive Netflix is revealing a bit of insight on the preferences and makeup of those superfans: In both the U.S. and globally, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life and Fuller House — revivals of popular broadcast series — were the two most frequently binge-raced.

Among states, West Virginia is tops in per-capita racing, followed by Michigan, Maryland, Delaware, Indiana and Ohio. (Florida, California and Colorado are far down on the list, and Alaska and Hawaii are dead last.) Gilmore was tops in all states except West Virginia, where Fuller House prevailed, and in Montana, South Dakota and Wyoming, where The Ranch was binged fastest.

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