Well-Traveled Chef Makes His Dream Come True

FAYETTEVILLE, WV – A new restaurant has opened in Fayetteville West Virginia. Well Iron Eatery opened three months ago and it’s a place people have been hoping for.

Coming from a long line of cooking in his family, well-traveled chef Jeffrey Toth has opened his own restaurant in Fayetteville, In partnership with his wife by his side.
” I got into cooking in the late 80’s and I was actually a server first and after a few months of serving I realized; I don’t want to deal with the front of the house, I want to work in the back of the house. I probably realized that cooking was like a big part of my life and I needed to make it a career when I landed in California.” Said Chef Toth

Three years ago Mr. and Mrs. Toth traveled on a three-week journey before moving to West Virginia and on that trip they talked about opening their own restaurant.
” We fantasized about oh it would be neat if we could find a little place and open up a breakfast place and yea we kind of manifested it in the car.” Said Chef Toth

Wood Iron Eatery has been open now for three months. Already they have established regular customers that became fond of Mr. Toth when he work at the station restaurant in oak hill. One is a couple that has been married for 67 years. ”¬†Jeff is a fabulous chef, the food is great, yeah!” Said Roy Johnson, A Loyal Customer
” I wanted to create a warm environment where people could come together, community that’s why we built this community table here and hang out, chat over breakfast and lunch.” Said Chef Toth

” Wonderful atmosphere. There isn’t any place in Fayetteville that is similar to this even, so that makes a big difference.” Said Jan Johnson, A Loyal Customer

People come to enjoy all that the Wood Iron Eatery has to offer. ” I enjoy it because we don’t have any sort of kind of like hip coffee spot in town or really like any where near by. So it’s really nice to be able to come in and sit and do my homework, see people that I know come in and out and drink good coffee, have a tasty breakfast.” Said Amber Jackson, A friend and Loyal Customer

Wood Iron Eatery is a dream come true! A fine unique establishment that people have fantasied about and can now enjoy with great food and music!

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