WCHS-TV INVESTIGATION: WV Supreme Court spending examined; A $32,000 sofa?

The West Virginia Supreme Court is a secretive place. In fact, this is the first time anyone here can remember that TV cameras were allowed into the inner sanctum, the private offices of the five justices.

Since 2009, there has been a lot of renovation work going on here. The original estimate for the upgrades was about $900,000. That has since ballooned to more than $3.7 million.

When Eyewitness News looked closer, we found some things we thought you should know about.

We start with Chief Justice Allen Loughry’s chambers. He took office in 2013 with work on his office beginning soon thereafter. The total cost for the work was just over $363,000, but that included some major expenditures for office furniture. Namely, a sectional sofa with a price tag of nearly $32,000, complete with $1,700 in throw pillows.

Kennie Bass/Eyewitness News: “Why is there a couch that cost more than $30,000 in your chambers?”

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