Ways To Prevent Your Packages From Being Stolen

BECKLEY, WV (WOAY) – Around this time of year there are a lot of packages being mailed and received. From people ordering items online to people sending presents through the mail.

Sometimes the intended person doesn’t get their package because of package theives.

There are people that steal packages by going to someone’s home, and, or on their porch, taking their packages.

One Local law enforcement officer provides tips on how to prevent and avoid this from happening.

“Really it’s a crime of opportunity but if you can take the time to download the apps to track the packages, to find out when there going to be there and if need be make arrangements to be there. If your work will allow, have it delivered to work. You can set up notifications if youre going to be gone, that way if packages come while your going to be on vacation, it will be sent to the alternate address during those time periods.” Said Lt. David Allard, Beckley Police Deptartment
There have been some package thefts locally but not many. Try to protect your packages.
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