Ways To Prevent Your Child From Getting Sick

BECKLEY, WV –  The temperatures are dropping and the weather is changing and during the winter season it is common to hear about children getting sick.
” The winter time is always busy.”

Throughout the winter season it can be difficult to keep from getting sick especially for children because their immune systems are weaker and germs have a tenancy to spread fast.
” During the winter season it’s common to see the flu and croup and RSV. I always recommend the parents if there’s anything that concerns them bring them in let them be seen by a provider be it us or their primary care.” Said Dr. Megan Cobb, D.O.

Ways that can help to prevent children from getting sick are things like having a balanced diet, staying hydrated so that the body can better fight off bacteria and viruses.
” The best thing that anyone could do for themselves or they family is to get a flu shot, encourage proper hand washing and hand hygiene and sneezing into your elbow and try to avoid people who are sick.” Said Cobb

Things that can be done for a child if they may be coming down with an illness and they do become sick are taking they’re temperature and make sure their drinking fluids.

” Leave your kids at home give them a chance to get well sometimes it just takes a day or two that way their not also spreading their germs to other children and it kind of gets contained. But also sometimes your body just needs rest so allow your children to rest and other the counter medicines are fine to.” Said Cobb

During the winter season it is easy for children to get sick and one thing that could help them from sitting here in the doctors offices is to make sure they are properly dressed for those cold weather conditions.
” Well we always worry about things like hypothermia and just kids being cold so hats, scarfs, coats, socks are always a good idea. It’s always better for us to be warm.” Said Cobb

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