Watch: Fayette County Sheriff’s Department takes autism awareness training

School starts in Fayette County soon, and the Board of Education is partnering with the police to handle situations with autistic students.

On Tuesday, the Fayette County Sheriff’s Department worked with the Board of Education to learn about kids with autism in the classroom. Nearly twenty officers were at the 911 Center in Fayettville, including Sheriff Mike Fridley. Officers were taught how to properly handle a situation involving a student or an adult with autism.

Adam Koon is the transition specialist for the Board of Education. He ran the training seminar and says there’s about 50 to 75 autistic students and adults in Fayette County. Koon added that a day of training like this goes far once students start school.

“Having base of knowledge of the unique needs and unique personalities with autism that’ll help to make decisions quicker and more effective in a safer way,” Koon said.

“It’s something we need to know because dealing with someone with autism or who’s autistic is different than dealing with someone like you or I so I just want to make sure we keep them safe and keep ourselves safe,” Fridley said.

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