WATCH: City council document sparks debate over potential high school name change

OAK HILL (WOAY)-  Debate has sparked among Fayette County residents and it’s all because of an agreement over a name. This all started in March when the Oak Hill city council agreed to give the Fayette County Board of Education $220,000 to buy new air conditioning units. The council carried a motion, that in exchange for the money to buy the units, that the board of education and future boards will not change the name of Oak Hill High School when Fayetteville and Valley High Schools consolidate.

The document also states who was at the meeting, the day and time of the meeting and two signatures at the bottom. One from the Oak Hill mayor and the other from the city clerk.

Terry George, Superintendent of Fayette County schools, tells WOAY he has not received an official written contract describing the proposal that the council voted for.

Newswatch Reporter Dylan Fearon has all the details.

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