Warmer Temperatures Prompts Firefighters to Practice Safer Methods

RALEIGH COUNTY, WV (WOAY) – Summer officially began this week which means the temperatures will be rising and that can make fighting a fire difficult.

Hot temperatures and over 70lbs of protective gear may not be the best combination but that’s just one thing firemen have to do to stay safe during the peak summer season.

Fire Prevention Bureau, Ernest Parsons said, “The gear that we wear is designed to protect us from the heat and fire so therefore our heat stays in.”

During the warmers months the humidity can be one of the leading causes that make firemen over exert themselves. Once combined with the alarming temperatures it put’s a stress on the body.

“Naturally if were out on a hot day it just makes it even worse, so we seem to sweat a little more,” Parsons added.

In order to avoid overheating fireman have a protocol which includes getting workers in and out of homes quickly among other things.

Parsons noted, “You can reach temperatures above a thousand degrees at the ceiling level. He continued. We don’t want to stay in that environment to long.”

According to firemen guidelines, they’re only suppose to be in a fire for a few minutes at a time. The time spent is determined by the amount of air bottles that are being used.

During the summertime firemen do see an increase in the amount of fires caused by propane and grilling. Parsons suggest that citizens never grill underneath a canopy or inside a home.

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