War World II Veteran Receives Purple Heart

Family and friends came together yesterday, September 10th, to honor Waddie Fuda.  Mr. Fuda was a World War II veteran who was seriously injured by a hand grenade in France in 1944.  His children accepted his Purple Heart today.  

Waddie Fuda, a World War II veteran, never received the honors he deserved.  That’s when his children reached out to Representative Evan Jenkins to see if he could help secure the recognition.     

Mr. Fuda’s three children reached out to Representative Jenkins to receive a Purple Heart for their father, “We wanted to know if he was injured, why he was injured and (why he) didn’t have a Purple Heart.  It was just something, since we didn’t know anything, about we were just wondering why? So we just wanted to know.”  

The presentation of the Purple Heart took place at the Mercer County War Museum.  The Purple Heart was presented by  Representative Jenkins to Mr. Fuda’s three children:  Diana, Jimmie and Mary.

“It’s a special day, and being a member of congress, and being able to express on behalf of a thankful nation from the greatest generation, and a much deserved purpose of a Purple Heart for his service to our country,” said Representative Evan Jenkins.  

The event was open to veterans and the public to celebrate this recognition.  Mr. Fuda finally received his Purple Heart. 

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