Vote taken on Fayette County redistricting process

UPDATE (11/17 @ 6 p.m.) – Fayette County has voted for Proposal 5, which will place Glen Jean in the Valley district and move the Beckwith area to the New Haven district.

FAYETTE COUNTY, WV (WOAY) – Representatives, mayors, and the commission of Fayette County are currently meeting on proposals regarding the redistricting process.

They are trying to decide what they are going to do about realigning the county’s three magisterial districts of Valley, Plateau and New Haven, along with changing the precincts.

“The county will vote on our new redistricting maps so it will place different areas of the county in certain magisterial districts as well as the precinct changes that have to happen because of the senatorial and house of delegates lines that were drawn.”

These new proposals are coming with some major changes as to where certain areas in the county are ending up.

Six different proposals are in the works, which would move different precincts and city limits around on the map, along with moving a county commissioner and a county Board of Education member to another district on some of the proposals.

“Because of the way our county was divided by those House and Senate lines, we are changing approximately two-thirds of our precincts, which is where you go to vote, and also those magisterial districts which help you determine who will represent you on county commission and on the school board, those areas will be changing to kind of balance out the population areas in each of our three districts.”

One such proposal, Proposal 6, would place all of US 60 from Montgomery to US 19 into the Valley.  Valley district mayors are in favor of this proposal as they feel coming together will improve economic opportunities in the area.

Once everyone can come to a more final decision, a vote will be taken on what proposal works best.

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