Volleyball For Autism

Members in the community came together Saturday morning for a special game of volleyball.
New River and Community Technical College sponsored “Volleyball for Autism”. The fundraiser was hosted by a non-profit organization, “The Un-Prescription for Autism”.

It was held at Memorial Baptist Church and was open to the public. During the event, 15 volleyball teams competed against each other to raise money for the organization, as well as making sure that local people have money for their healthcare needs for autism.

Janet Lintala, the founder of “The Un-Prescription”, said, “Autism is among us everyday, I don’t know if you can find someone who does not know someone, or have a family member, with autism. The rate is now one in sixty-eight, and for boys it’s one and forty-two. More than two percent of our boys, and it is just very important to have appropriate healthcare, and support, especially locally here in Beckley and West Virginia.”

This is the organization’s eighth year hosting “Volleyball for Autism”, and they are happy to see the community helping raise autism awareness.

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