VIDEO: Mother Speaks On Son Who Was Yelled At During Class

BECKLEY (WOAY) – Late Thursday night Donna Hockett of Beckley received a disturbing video of her son’s teacher at Beckley-Stratton Middle School yelling at him.

Another student in the classroom recorded the incident and showed it to their parents. One of the parents then found Donna on Facebook and showed her.

Hockett was immediately devasted that a teacher would speak to her child in that way. “Why did she scream at my son and ridicule him and laugh at him in front of the whole class, I would just like to know why.”

Hockett did say in the past her son has complained about this teacher. She adds, “He tells me she’s mean but you know he’s eleven so their all mean so I just brushed it off.”

The mother does understand that children can be unruly but that is not the way to handle the situation.

“As a teacher, I feel like you should be able to handle that many kids or whatever type problems they have because you are the teacher.”

The middle school instructor was not in class today. Hockett did tell Newswatch that the Principal of Beckley-Stratton Middle School did reach out to her and told her that the teacher is currently under investigation.

WOAY did reach out to the Raleigh County Board of Education but was told no one was available to talk.

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