VA Medical Center Shows Appreciation For Volunteers

The VA Medical Center in Beckley showed their appreciation for their hard working volunteers on Saturday afternoon.
The Medical Center held a luncheon and an awards program for their 320 volunteers who give over 50,000 hours of service every year.

The volunteers range from retired veterans, former employees, or anyone in the community who wants to help.

The center has had different volunteers for over 70 years, and all together, the volunteers have given close to 600 million hours of their time.

Stacy Vasquez, Director at VA Medical Center, said, “There is no way we could ever thank them enough, they do something that is so special for veterans and their families every single day and this is so small in comparison to the 50,000┬áhours of time that they give every single year, very selflessly. I think it’s also an important part of the community. This brings the community together, and these kind of events and celebrating their service really brings the whole community back in as one.”

The luncheon also included entertainment and awards for all their hard working volunteers.

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