Concord University TV students’ studio gets a makeover

ATHENS, WV (WOAY) – Concord University has made some upgrades to their Communications Department Studio this year, but the school offers much more than just an updated look to their program.

Assistant Professor of Communications, Robert Hoffman, said: “We have about five in the workshop right now so they produce a 15-minute newscast that airs on Public Broadcasting and then re-airs on Suddenlink.”

This allows students to work on shows which are broadcast over the airways before they even graduate, and this is an advantage when going into a television career. The University is hoping the new set will help boost the program’s numbers.

“Right now we have 27 students, but we are looking to expand and grow” Hoffman expressed.

The program not only helps students receive air time but it also helps them transition into the workforce more easily.

A recent graduate of Concord and current News Director Porsha Thompson said: “The transition from learning on the WMLT equipment and the equipment that I use now was a fairly easy transition.”

So if you are looking for a communications program offering plenty of benefits and is close to Beckley then look into Concord University.

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