United Way of Southern West Virginia receives coal donations

United Way of Southern West Virginia is used donations, but they’ve never been given anything like this.

Executive Director Michelle Rotellini said Wednesday that two excavation crews found coal while working construction. The property owners decided to donate the coal instead of getting a permit to sell it. Cooks Excavation found 650 tons of coal at the Beckley Plaza, where the new Texas Roadhouse will be.

Rotellini says it’s a win-win for everybody.

“United Way wins because we receive thousands of dollars that we weren’t expecting to receive,” Rotellini said. “The developer wins because they’re able to move forward with the Texas Roadhouse and the state of West Virginia wins because of course we’ll pay all of our taxes on the we received.”

Rotellini added that there’s about 15,000-20,000 dollars worth of clean coal that they will sell and go towards their campaign goal of 800 thousand dollars.

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