Uber Is Now Available in All Of West Virginia, But Are There Enough Drivers?

The wheels are finally rolling on Uber’s entry into all of West Virginia.

The service started in Charleston and Morgantown this March, but two weeks ago it was expanded to the whole state.

When Mathew Anderson learned ride-sharing services may be coming to Southern West Virginia, he almost immediately collected his license, registration and insurance, and registered online as an Uber driver.

“We have a lot of tourists in our area, so a lot of people don’t want to drive to destinations, or they may not be familiar with the area. With the music scene and the restaurants we have in our area, I think it would be good to have Uber here,” said Mathew Anderson.

Residents and tourists alike are excited to see it come to town.

Uber has been making its way across the country, and West Virginia is trying to keep up with this latest travel trend… but when you log on to the app in our area… there are almost always no drivers available.

Except for one, when he’s not at his full-time job.

“They can only find one online, and I guess that’s me because I’m online at that time,” continued Anderson.

However, the service is still very new in our area…

“I had my 12th one yesterday. I hope it picks up, but I like the business,” Anderson told us.

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