U.S. Senator Joe Manchin Talks To Coal Miners

“We appreciate what Senator Manchin is doing we appreciate that he’s looking out for our benefits and I just thank god, I told him the last time I got to talk to him he was governor and I’m glad that even now he’s still carrying on work for us each and everyday in the Senate.” That was the response of George Mayville, a coal miner of thirty-eight years, when asked how he thought Friday’s meeting went.

U.S. Senator Joe Manchin held the  meeting for coal miners at the United mine workers of America in Matewan. With barely any seats left, Senator Manchin talked about a few different topics but the one he spent the most on is, the Miners Protection Act. “These are people that really made America, they’ve mine the coal, they’ve made the steel, the guns and ships that defended the country. They’ve done everything and all we’re asking for is a commitment to the federal government made in 1946 to be fulfilled. We have been fighting and fighting, they are not going to lose their health care benefits.” said Senator Manchin. 

 And although, Senator Manchin wants to fix both the benefits of healthcare and the miners pension, he is having a hard time getting that done with Mitch Mcconell, but he still believes he can fight it. A retired coal miner, Danny White said, “You know I think it’s something we deserve and we have worked for. And you know between the companies and union, everyone is paid in, they work for it and they deserve it.” 

By the end of April the miners protection bill has to be completed or else the process will extend for several months.

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