U.S. Senate Candidate Don Blankenship Holds Town Meeting

BECKLEY WV  (WOAY)– Republican Senate Candidate Don Blankenship held a town meeting this week, which caused quite an uproar within the community.

Members throughout the community gathered at the Raleigh County Convention Center to listen and ask the Senate candidate questions, ranging from what new changes will he be bringing to West Virginia to how is he different compared to his opponent. There were a few questions about whether Blankenship was suited for the position coming from his past.

Some citizens where quite puzzled with things the former coal businessman said. An After speaking with several attendees, some consider Blankenship untruthful.

Julia Jackson a Beckley resident told Newswatch, “The things he said here were incredibly deceptive and dishonest and its insulting to voters here in this state.”

Blankenship maintains that he’s not the typical untruthful politician. Which is what he hopes will set him apart from the rest.

“My message is that most politicians aren’t truthful and yet when they become government officials they take their words for truth without investigating it or without thought. The government has become quite untruthful whether it’s the Depart of Justice, whether the FBI, whether its different branches of government,” says Blankenship.

Blankenship adds that, “he is for the people of West Virginia, and knows that West Virginia can become one of the top states in the U.S. under his leadership.”

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