U.S. Secretary of State Visits 2017 Boy Scout Jamboree

He was once a Boy Scout, now he is the United States Secretary of State. Rex Tillerson made a special visit to this years national Boy Scout Jamboree along with Senator Joe Manchin and West Virginia Governor Jim Justice. During the special ceremony, Rex Tillerson told the audience, “I thought about a year ago when I was thinking about the upcoming Jamboree that I was going to be a volunteer, I was going to spend the whole time here working either washing dishes or hauling waste. Or whatever they needed me to do but, I was going to have my jamboree experience, well this is my Jamboree experience.” 

The Distinguished Eagle Scout, Silver Buffalo Award Recipient and past national president of the Boy Scouts of America was honored with a bronze statue. After Tillerson was honored with the statue, he had some wise advice about leadership, that he told to the Boy Scouts of America. “You have to practice it, you have to work at it and know that you are going to be challenged all the time against your principles and your servant leadership. So, that’s what we want to teach in this center, that it is something you learn and that it is something that you practice. It is something you apply and then you learn some more, and you get better and stronger. But, you will never finish that journey, it will be constant for you, for the rest of your life. If you dedicate it to yourself though, I promise you, you will have a happy life.  

Unfortunately, after the ceremony was over, media was not allowed to speak with Tillerson. However, we did talk to Boy Scouts at the Jamboree, who told us Tillerson’s visit inspired them. One Boy Scout from New Jersey, Michael Kinney told us, “I feel like he did a great job just coming out and see us.” While another scout from New Jersey, Ryan Hannah said, “It was very interesting to watch the ceremony I found that I am very grateful for all he has done for the Scouting Organization and for the summit.” Another Boy Scout from New York, John Zanim added, “I know looking at people like Mr. Tillerson and other leaders as well as in the cabinet many Eagle Scouts that it gives me opportunity and encourages me to look for further ways that I can serve in maybe, public service and Government.” 

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