Two Oak Hill parents arrested after 7 week old infant was found with broken bones

OAK HILL, WV (WOAY) – Two parents in Fayette County are facing child abuse charges after a 7-week-old baby was found with several broken bones and multiple bruises.

According to State Police, on September 3, 2019, a trooper, along with Beckley Police, responded to Raleigh General Hospital and were advised that a seven-week-old infant had arrived and was found to have broken bones.  A nurse told police that the infant had arrived at around 7:41 pm on September 3, with the parents stating the infant was continuously screaming with a swollen right leg. The parents told the nurse that the infant woke up at 2 pm that afternoon, but they had no ride to seek medical attention at that time.

During the medical exam, an x-ray showed that the infant had at least two bilateral rib fractures, a fracture of the right femur and tibia, and the infant appeared to be malnourished.  The infant had several bruises that were noticeable.  The rib fractures appeared to be several days old and healing.

A CPS worker was called to assist and asked the parents what had occurred prior to the ER visit.  The father advised the CPS worker that his son had been sleeping on his chest in the bed.  The father stated that he woke up to the infant laying beside him screaming.  According to Danielle McClanahan, she was not at home at the time and when she arrived, the baby was crying and she observed his right leg to be swollen. McClanahan called the father’s mother for a ride to the ER, but stated it was several hours until she arrived.  When questioned about drug use, the father stated he smoked marijuana earlier in the day and McClanahan stated she used marijuana on a regular basis.

The next day, an interview was conducted between the parents at the Oak Hill Detachment.  The father stated that he believed the infant’s rib injuries came from him squeezing the baby around the midsection out of frustration.   The father continued to tell police that while the infant was sleeping on his chest, he rolled off the bed and landed on top of the infant, which could have caused the broken leg.  McClanahan told police that she had no idea her son had any injuries and was not at home during the incident.

A doctor from CAMC, where the baby had to go due to injuries, called the police to tell them she found healing rib fractures of the right sixth, seventh, and eighth ribs, and left fourth, fifth, and sixth ribs.  She also stated that she observed metaphyseal fractures of the right distal femur and right proximal tibia and also suspected a possible left distal femur fracture.  Bruises were discovered on the left upper arm, right lower leg, left shoulder, upper left arm, and the buttocks. The doctor advised police that the injuries sustained to infants’ legs could not have come from the father falling on top of the infant.  She advised that these types of fractures could have been caused by jerking the left, or shaking the baby while his legs were dangling.  The doctor noted that the injuries likely came around seven days prior.

On September 5, police told the father what the doctor had said and he told them he probably just rocked the baby too hard.

McClanahan’s failure to seek immediate medical attention for her child caused the infant unnecessary pain.

McClanahan is charged with child neglect resulting in injury and is being held in Southern Regional Jail under a 100,000 dollar bond.

The father is a juvenile and charged with child neglect resulting in injury.

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