Two area non-profits will get surprise donation next week

BECKLEY, WV (NEWS RELEASE) – As part of a top secret “12 Gifts of Christmas” give-a-way, an unnamed funder will be making two surprise contributions to two local non-profit agencies on December 19th.

Two months ago, United Way Executive Director, Michelle Rotellini, says she was contacted by a local businessman and asked to nominate one agency from Summers County and one agency from Nicholas County to each receive a surprise Christmas gift of $1000.

“The gentleman who called for the nomination was very secretive about the program.  I wanted to know who, why, when?  My contact was unable to reveal very much to me.  He explained the qualifications of the nominations and asked that the United Way give it some thought and submit information within a week.  That was it.”

The United Way nominated 4 organizations.  Two were chosen.  “It’s humbling to be involved in the opportunity to give a Christmas gift such as this to two of the non-profit agencies we support.  They both do such amazing work in our community.  My heart is full of joy for each of them and I can’t wait to see the look on their faces when they are surprised with their Christmas gift of $1000. ”

“My contact said that I could invite the press but only with minimal information given.  He said they will come with prepared press releases with all the details after the surprise contributions are made, but that nothing can be released ahead of time,” says Michelle Rotellini, Executive Director with the United Way.  “What I do know is that these donations are important to both local charities that have been selected.  They each work very hard in their communities doing wonderful things to improve lives.  It is going to be an emotional moment.”

The surprise announcement of the two $1000 donation amounts will be made on Tuesday, December 19th

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