Trump sent aide to McDonald's when the WH chef couldn't get his burger right

WASHINGTON ( –┬áPresident Trump is a man of uncompromising tastes. Faced with the world’s most exotic cuisine on diplomatic trips to Saudi Arabia and Japan, he didn’t deviate from his usual order of burnt steak with ketchup (in the first case) or a burger and fries (in the latter, this week).

Now Politico reports that Trump’s exacting palate required former bodyguard Keith Schiller to make a McDonald’s run when the White House chefs couldn’t properly replicate the fast food chain’s burgers.

Schiller, a longtime Trump aide who left the White House in September, would dash out to McDonald’s on York Avenue in D.C. and bring Trump back a Quarter Pounder with cheese, no pickles and extra ketchup, and a fried apple pie for dessert.

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