“Tricks and Treats” Event Helps Dogs Get Into The Halloween Spirit


“Operation Underdog” partnered with Pet Supplies Plus in Beckley for its “Tricks and Treats” Halloween event.


“I love Operation Underdog. I’ve been supporting them since 2012. I love volunteering for them, and I love coming to events they have like this,” said Jessica Stegmeir, whom brought her dog for the event.


The event included a pet costume contest and the opportunity to adopt a new furry member to the family.


“We’ve never won anything. I didn’t think he’d win spookiest,” said William James, who’s dog won the “Spookiest Dog” award.


Although, Halloween is associated with spooky haunted houses, costume parties and Halloween candy, many types of candy can be toxic and very dangerous to pets.


“Human food is never good for dogs. It’s a no no. Make sure whenever you do go trick or treating, keep your candy up because I have been just as guilty of leaving the candy out, and coming home, and the dogs have destroyed it. Chocolate is not good for animals. Stick with dog treats,” said Erica Jones, Co-Founder of Operation Underdog.


Tricks and Treats is a local event that also brings safety awareness to pet owners when it comes to Halloween candy.


“There are all different types of treats for your animals during the holidays. There are great recipes for fun dog treats, as well as pumpkin spice and everything else.  To find recipes, Google some recipes and make sure that your dog eats healthy and doesn’t get into all those yucky snacks,” said Jones.


Sally, one of the underdogs, who had been hit by a car, was today’s champion receiving the Judge’s Choice award.

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