Town of Smithers To Sue Manufactures and Distributors of Opioids

Smithers., WV (WOAY) – In an effort to combat the opioid epidemic one Fayette County town is suing Amerisourceberger Drug Corporation one manufacturer of the deadly drugs.

Though the Town of Smithers only consist of roughly 800 citizens that did not stop them from joining the lawsuit against Amerisourceberger. They are joined by counties like Nicholas, Calhoun and Braxton and countless other towns their goal is to get drugs off the streets.

Mayor of Smithers Tom Skaggs adds that he hopes, “To cut the volume of opioids down in this area to try to get these people some help.”

The Town of Smithers is hoping that if they win this lawsuit they will be able to use the money to put towards helping improve the city.

Though there is no word yet on how much each city and town will receive the local police is hoping to get allocated some of the funding to improve their drug training’s. Since they’ve found themselves getting an increasingly high number in the drug overdose calls that they receive.

Chief of Smithers PD Gerald Proctor says, “We would be interested in purchasing Narcan injections and to also apply training to our officers so they know how to use them and have the equipment to respond with.”

A Narcan kit can cost roughly $140 an can be administered simply through your nose like an allergy spray or by injection. After speaking with The Webb Law Firm we’ve learned the lawsuit is expected to go to trial within the next few weeks.






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