Town of Rainelle Holds 30th Annual “Run for the Wall”

RAINELLE, WV (WOAY) – Hundreds of bikers from across the nation aligned together in the Town of Rainelle to celebrate the 30th annual Run “For The Wall.”

Both adults and children of the Rainelle community waved their flags and chanted in support of these men and women who started their 10-day journey in Ontario California and will end it in Washington D.C.
Route Coordinator, Harlan Olson said, “You leave California and the further east you go for some reason the patriotism gets ratcheted up one notch at a time until it reaches its peak here in WV.”

The Town of Rainelle grounded over 11 thousand flags to honor fallen heroes.

The bikers use their ride as a time to honor the memory of friends and family members who were killed in action during the wars.

Weston Young, Georgia Resident added, “I’m riding for my dad who was a Pearl Harbor survivor he was also in the Korean War also my father in law who recently passed away he was a Captain in the Navy.”

Bikers also got the star-studded treatment as the Rainelle Elementary students stood by in awe and asked for their autographs. Though today’s event was fun it also served as a learning experience

Principal, Kim Tincher said, “They need to know who has stepped up who has fallen for their freedom. They need to keep that in mind each and everyday.”

For years the bikers have donated money or supplies to the school to show their appreciation.

The bikers will be making a few more stops until they reach Washington D.C. where a wreath laying ceremony will take place.

“It’s pretty emotional I know it’s gonna get emotional when we get to the wall in D.C. because this is all for the riders who cant ride,” Young added.


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