Town Of Oak Hill Elects Mayor, City Council and Council At Large

OAK HILL, WV (WOAY)- Election results are in for the city of Oak Hill.

The town has elected Daniel E. Wright as mayor.

Tom Oxley has been elected as City Council At-Large.


For City Council in Ward 1, the results are as followed:

Diana Janney, 251 votes

Missy Kidd Wilshire, 209 votes

Michelle Holly , 200 votes

Don Williams, 170 votes

Christa Hodges, 133 votes

Wes McDonald, 100 votes

Curtis G. Taylor, 88 votes


For City Council in Ward 2, the results are as followed:

Charles Smallwood, 146 votes

Steve Hayslette, 91 votes

Paul Baker, 87 votes

Jeffery D. Atha, 74 votes

Danielle Dearing- Harris, 66 votes

Tim Buskus, 55 votes

Vicky Pizzino, 36 votes

Colby Lopez, 16 votes

Erin Ellis-Reid, 10 votes

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