Topless March Held in Downtown Charleston

A large crowd of women and men marched topless from Summers Street to Kanawha Boulevard Sunday evening.

They began at Davis Park and walked quietly to the boulevard. Several people in the crowd went topless and others came to walk with them and support their cause.

Organizers of the rally said there is a double standard for women going topless in West Virginia and they said they want the stigma removed.

“People have anatomy; people have flesh that why do we have the right to tell them to cover up. We don’t. It’s a way to celebrate it, it’s not a protest. I’m here to show support because women have their rights, give it to them,” marcher Timothy Brydges said.

“What we’re hoping is that somebody is going to ride by maybe who didn’t know this was going on and say wow I wish I was there or wow maybe that should be normal. Challenging beliefs is important if you want to make any kind of change,” marcher April Husband said.

Earlier in the week, Charleston Mayor Danny Jones urged organizers to postpone the event because of other events nearby that children were attending. The march was pushed back later than originally planned.

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