Tips You Should Know to Keep Your Home Cooled During the Summer

BECKLEY, WV (WOAY) – Heavy heat and humidity are just some of the main things we deal with during the summer.

Those warmer months can be crucial especially once you see your electricity bill increase, as you try to keep your home cooled. Many residents seek ways to maintain a cost effective bill and cooled home.

Newswatch spoke with Childers Enterprise who says one of the main things to avoid during the summer months is constantly changing your thermostat.

“Don’t adjust it up and down, don’t change it when you leave or go away just leave it on constant, because the house will then stay in the same condition. He continued. “It won’t have to work harder to get it back to the temperature you want. But if you go out of town on vacation you may want to turn it up a few degrees,” Gregg Childers adds.

Childer’s recommends residents avoid having doors and windows open as it will let the A/C out. Keeping your home properly insulated is another key thing homeowners should look for.

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