Thursday Night's "Explosion" Still Under Investigation

The “explosion” that still remains a mystery in Raleigh County…

On Thursday night, hundreds of residents from Bradley to Beckley, and all the way to Charleston, heard something very loud that resembled to an explosion and that shook their homes.

Local dispatchers were out all night, searching for what could have caused the loud sound, but found nothing. They still don’t know exactly what happened.
The Department of Military Affairs and Homeland Security say they have ruled out any land explosions, mine explosions, or arson as the cause. The National Weather Service said this is not weather related. One theory that it could have been a meteor has also been ruled out after a spokesperson from the Green Bank Telescope said it was very unlikely.

However, the strong military presence that West Virginia currently has because of the National Boy Scout Jamboree, should keep residents feeling safe.

“We have multiple venues going on at the same time as the Jamboree to make sure that our responders are up to date, and can respond to whatever happens to protect the people of this state,” Jimmy Jianato, the Director of Homeland Security for West Virginia, said.


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