Three injured after accident on Coal River Mountain Rd.

PAX, WV (WOAY) – Three people are transported to the hospital after an accident in the Pax area.
Fayette County Sheriff Mike Fridley says it happened just after 6 a.m. Saturday morning. Deputies responded to an accident on Coal River Mountain Rd., where a vehicle had gone over the side of a mountain approximately 150 ft. The driver was trapped inside his vehicle.
Rescue efforts were delayed due to road conditions, as emergency vehicles kept getting stuck.
The driver was eventually rescued and brought to medical personnel. During this rescue, a firefighter had a medical emergency episode and required medical services.
While both individuals were receiving care from Emergency Medical Services, the Deputy Sheriff on scene attempted to leave the scene when his patrol vehicle began to slide.
Fearing his vehicle was going to go over the mountain, the deputy jumped from his vehicle and subsequently got struck by the sliding vehicle.
The driver, the firefighter, and the Deputy Sheriff were transported to Raleigh General Hospital for their injuries.
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