Threats Made Towards Two Schools In Fayette County

FAYETTE COUNTY (WOAY) – Parents and students are on high alert after threats were made towards two different schools in Fayette County.

It all started with a threat made on Snapchat when a girl threatened to shoot up Valley High School with an AR-15. As a result, Valley Elementary and Valley High School were closed Monday, February 19, 2018.

On Monday, Oak Hill High School was on a “soft” lockdown when a threat on Snapchat was released to students.

Sheriff Mike Fridley said the first threat toward Valley High School came on Friday.

“It all started Friday when we received a call about someone posting threats on Snapchat,” said Sheriff Fridley. The juvenile was identified as making this threat on Snapchat but that is not where the story ends. “Someone copied the first person’s Snapchat and the reposted it again as somebody else,” said the Sheriff.  Two other juveniles were identified for posting that Snapchat message.

Then there was actually a third threat identified inside Oak Hill High School. “There was a message written in the male bathroom. It was photographed and it was investigated,” said Fridley.

Sheriff Fridley said the process now is to forward all of the information to Prosecutor Larry Harrah and he will decide what charges to bring. He also warned against making such threats at local schools.

“The children or adults, or whoever is doing this, need to know that we are going to find out who you are and when we do you are going to be arrested and you will be charged and severely charged and you are going to look at some time because I don’t think people take this lightly, I know I don’t,” said Fridley.

He also had advice for anyone who sees a threat posted on Social Media.

“If somebody sees something, don’t just copy and post it on Social Media and think it is going to be handled. They need to contact their local Law Enforcement and make them aware of what is going on so we can look into it because like the ones we dealt with last night, it was already spread to Arizona, Pittsburg, Colorado, and we have to backtrack from there all the way back to where it originally came from and that is a lot of work and a lot of time,” said Fridley.

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