Thousands Turn Out For The Sweetest Event Of The Year As Lewisburg Hosts Their Chocolate Festival

GREENBRIER COUNTY., WV (WOAY) – Chocolate filled the streets of Lewisburg as citizens throughout WV celebrated the annual Chocolate Festival!

Chocolate cookies, cakes..and beer? This marks the 12th year Lewisburg has been holding the event. With over 30 thousand tastings separated into 32 locations there was something for everyone.

Carrie Park 2018 Ms. WV Timber & Wood said, “You know it feels great because it’s my first time here and I didn’t realize how much chocolate was going to be here an i’m really excited to try it all.”

For those who weren’t interested in the chocolate aspect there still was an array of things to do like shopping, cooking courses and live music by the park.

The festival is used as one of Lewisburgs biggest ways to bring money into the area and support the United Way of Greenbrier Valley.

Beckley resident Daniel Falsafi added,”It’s really nice to support this community and I really like the chocolate that they’re offering so hopefully if I can get my hands on some tickets next year i’ll be more than happy to come.”

The team behind the festival has already started creating ideas for next years event!

The 2019 Chocolate Festival will take place on April 13.

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