This Is the Trick Airlines Use to Get You to Pay More Than You Should

(BY: CHRIS MATYSZCZYK, – Have you ever tried to keep a note of how much time you spend booking travel?

I fancy if your Apple Watch could keep track of it for you, you’d resent how long it takes to find, say, the best airline fares.

Even then, how do you know you’ve got the best deal?

Actually, it’s likely that you haven’t.

The reason for this is quite sad. You see, airlines have been going out of their way for some time to ensure that you simply can’t compare fares. Accurately, that is.

You know, including all the nickel-and-diming elements that go into the modern airline fare experience.

They leave it until the last moment — or the very tiniest print — to tell you that there are additional charges for, say, bags.

They also try and make sure no objective site can even publish that information, even though you might think it’s public information.

“The airlines block consumers from seeing complete airline schedule and fare information in a way that most businesses could never get away with,” Kurt Ebenhoch, executive director of the travel search companies’ advocacy group the Air Fairness Travel Coalition told me.

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