This couple is traveling the world for free using 2 million banked airline miles

(ABC NEWS)- Chad and Hannah Janis are living everyone’s travel dreams.

The couple is celebrating their second wedding anniversary in Hawaii and then heading out to travel the world for a year, using 2 million airline miles they racked up by strategically playing the credit card bonus game.

Yes, you read that right — Chad, 25, and Hannah, 23, will be visiting over 40 countries and possibly more on miles they earned while simply using credit cards on expenses they had to pay over the past year anyway.

Two weeks ago, they quit their finance jobs, sold everything and packed two suitcases and two backpacks to embark on their epic journey. After spending a couple of weeks in Hawaii, they plan to fly to Japan next and from that point on, the world is their oyster.

Here’s how they made this dream a reality, all the while creating a nice side-hustle for themselves, and how they say, you can do it too.

It all started with a free flight to New York City.

They opened up dozens of credit cards and actually boosted their credit score in the process by making sure they were only using these cards on expenses they had to pay anyway. That way, at the end of the month, their balances were almost always zero.

“We were cycling through cards the entire time,” he said, adding that at one point they had about 26 cards between them. “Now, we just have our two cards we carry with us and use all the time.”

Chad said people always assume they must have spent $200,000 or so to get these miles, but not true.

“All in, we spent around $56,500,” he said. “Which is a high number still, but we lived in New York City with much higher expenses, and we also started a business and were able to pay the engineer their salary using credit, leveraging our business expenses.”

He added that over the next year traveling, they intend to spend around $100 a day on expenses. Not too shabby.

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