The Women's March

This Saturday an historical March will take place in Washington D.C.  People from all over the world will be attending the Women’s March, including a local woman from Fayetteville.  During an interview with Newswatch, Kelly Jo Drey, stated, “I’m going with a group of my friends, some other women who live here in Fayetteville and we are driving down to Lewisburg to catch the bus.”  Drey says the goal of the march is to call all attention to equal rights for all people, not just women. Drey stated, “With this March, they’re really trying to bring all different kinds of people of all genders and sexual orientations, people who believe that all people deserve to have equal rights and fair treatment.  And we are all coming together in Washington D.C. on Saturday to join together to send that message to our lawmakers.” The Women’s March is expected to have 200,000 marchers this Saturday. The marchers are not only women, but men too and Drey believes this is a great opportunity for all voices to be heard. She stated, “I think it’s really important for me to be involved. I don’t think that we can achieve equal rights for all people unless everybody believes that, that’s necessary and everybody takes steps to make that happen.  Drey also said, the first step in taking part of the Women’s March on Washington is showing up this Saturday.

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