The most popular man at The Greenbrier? Not JJ Watt. It's an 85-year-old who holds the door to happiness


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WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, WV (KHOU-TV) – Hotel guests at The Greenbrier expect extravagance, but it’s simplicity which greets them at the front door.

Frank Mosley, 85,is a fixture here, like the grand doors he opens.

Your typical bellhop gets tips; Frank’s favorite currency appears to be hugs and kisses. No wonder he’s now an ‘Ambassador,’ quite a title considering he started here in 1958 as a temp.

That’s 59 years. And he plans on being here 59 more. “I can’t spell retirement, so I can’t retire,” Mosley said. “So what can I do? I’m stuck.”

The Texans, who are staying and practicing at The Greenbrier, travel to Carolina on Tuesday for their first preseason game Wednesday against the Panthers.

Mosley has also met countless celebrities. The nicest? Bob Hope, claims Mosley.

He’s also interacted with every president dating back to Eisenhower; as well as everyone in between. “He makes the Greenbrier the Greenbrier,” said one regular guest.

Its all proof Frank Mosley still uses some simple advice he once received from his father.

The door to happiness opens from the inside

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