The Meadows Golf Course at The Greenbrier is Back in Full Swing After Renovations Due To Last Year's Floods

Instead of hosting the annual PGA Tour event last summer, the Greenbrier served as a shelter for victims of the devastating floods ma. The resort also suffered from the disaster, with its five courses receiving heavy damage.

However, on Wednesday, one of its most popular courses, The Meadows, reopened for the first time since 2016. 

“It’s wonderful at The Greenbrier to have 36 holes open again, and to see everything getting back to normal. We’re getting back to what made this place an amazing golf resort and has made this story so special,” Cam Huffman, the Director of Sports Public Relations at The Greenbrier, said.

The resort held a special ceremony inviting the media and special guests to see how the Meadows Course is back in the swing of things after huge renovations. 

“Of all of our courses, the Meadows was the most damaged by the flood because it was located along Howards Creek. It suffered by far the most damage. We lost bridges. We lost, in some cases, entire golf holes. So the first thing we had to do was kind of reimagine what we wanted to do with the Meadows, and it became apparent that we had some opportunities to do some redesign work on the golf course to make not only the course better, but to provide some residential opportunities as well,” Burt Baine, the Vice President of The Greenbrier Golf Operations, told us.

One thing that makes the new Meadows golf course so unique, is that it’s the only course in the United States with over 40 Stacked sod bunkers.

They hope to be able to renovate and reopen the remainder of their courses soon.

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