The Importance of Narcan in Modern Society

BECKLEY,WV (WOAY) – Across the nation first responders are battling the opioid crisis and now it has become imperative for them to have one special kit.

Popstar Demi Lovato overdosed this week and the live saving drug Narcan was used to bring her back. Although she is a celebrity this can still happen in our back yard

Narcan is a treatment drug for an opioid emergency such as an overdose or a possible overdose.

The nasal spray or syringe goes in through the nose and can start responding within 30 seconds or a few minutes.

Beckley Fire Dept., began using Narcan three years ago to help fight the crisis, an they say drug abusers now have a higher chance for survival.

“There is no replacement for it. If a person is overdosing on those medications all you can do is try and sustain life until the medication wears off,” Beckley Fire Department Captain, Ed Thompson said.

According to the West Virginia Health Statistics Center, Raleigh County is one of the highest areas in the state where overdoses happen. This week the Beckley Fire Department responded to an overdose call.

“There are weeks where we run several and then sometimes we go two three weeks without running any,” Thompson continued.

Signs to look for if you suspect someone has overdosed. “Decrease respiration-rate, blueish-gray skin, cooled and clammy,” Thompson notes.

Captain Thompson goes on to say drug abusers are lucky first responders know how to administer Narcan in a timely fashion because it could end badly.


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