The Great Kindness Challenge Done In A Whole New Way

ANSTED, WV (WOAY) – That’s right, “Great Kindness Week” is upon us and for those of you who may not know what that means or what the week entails, One local school held an assembly to show exactly what it is.

Ansted Elementary held an assembly in honor of “Great Challenge Week”. The invitation was open to community members, businesses and churches to come together and participate.

The Great Kindness Challenge was started in Southern California in 2011. An initiative to be proactive in bullying prevention and to make a positive impact on students.

“We’re doing random acts of kindness throughout the week. We’re going to dress up in spirit costumes and we’re going to try to spread kindness throughout the community.” Said Mandy Higginbotham, Ansted School Counselor

Strong, positive leaders within the community we’re invited to attend the assembly. Members of the Ansted Police Department, Fire Department, Fayette County Sheriff’s Department and Rainelle Medical Center. They all played a major part.

“I think it’s vital more than ever personally, I believe that kindness is something that we’re losing sight of. So we can start it with a grandiose kind of week and then continue it out throughout our lives, especially for these little ones because that’s what we need.” Said Higginbotham

“But making sure the students know that kindness matters. Kindness can brighten a day, kindness can influence someones good week to a bad week, kindness can improve your self esteem and the self esteem can improve everything in school and make better citizens for our school, our city, our county and our state.” Said Principal Marchelle Bowling

The assembly for the Great Kindess Challenge did make an impact on students.

Two students shared how it made them feel. “I was really excited and I thought this can change the world. How it makes people feel and how it can help people, cause people will start building a bigger heart.” Said Somer Hamrick, 5th Grade Student

“I feel like it’s an important part of our school, that you should be kind to everybody.” Said Ivy Vass, 5th Grade Student

Ansted Elementary is challenging everyone to 5o random acts of kindness.


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