The Grand Opening Of The CEME

BLUEFIELD, WV – There is a new manufacturing engineering program being offered at Bluefield State College…

The Center for excellence in manufacturing engineering at bluefield state college held there grand opening today in dickason hall.
This program was established with the intent to transition workers from the coal mining industry into manufacturing.

” That we offer retraining or training for displaced coal workers, they have good skill sets in terms of being able to work with their hands, understanding how equipment works so its a natural, manufacturing is a natural place for them to go.” Said Professor McFadden
Having the opportunity to learn in a state-of the industry lab, working in conjunction with collaborative robotics.

” The amount of variety you can get in your work place. with the mechanical degree and electrical degree i’m after you’re not held down to one job or one thing it covers such a broad are of study that you can do just about anything.” Said T.J. Hicks, Senior Engineer Major
Sen. Shelley Moore Capito attended the grand opening and went on a tour with professor McFadden and students in the program. Seeing first hand the equipment that is used in this manufacturing engineering program and exactly what it does and how it works

” There’s lots of manufacturers and almost all of them that we talk to, I just visited with one yesterday. Their biggest problem to growth is getting qualified people to come in that have good technical skills so we fill that need.” Said Professor McFadden

This program trains and teaches the skills needed to work in a new job field and not only that you get to learn in a classroom with robotics.

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