The Gift Of A Mortgage-free Home Changes A Veteran's Life

Building Homes For Heroes is a non-profit organization that builds and modifies homes to gift mortgage-free to wounded veterans and their families. They were in partnership with JP-Morgan Chase and welcomed Army Sergeant Alan Allison and his family to their new mortgage-free home Wednesday morning. Sergeant Allison and his family were in tears of joy when they were welcomed to their new home in Beckley.

Mr. and Mrs. Allison, military family, said, “When we got off Skype he said, what did you say? Did she say it’s ours already. I was like, yes! I was a little bit shocked.”

This would not have been possible without the team effort between Building Homes For Heroes and JP-Morgan Chase.

Lindsay Morris, Building Homes For Heroes, said, “So today we are gifting a mortgage-free home to Sargent Allison and his family. He served in the army and he was injured during his time of service, so they will be getting this home mortgage-free.”

Nancy Kissinger, representative from Chase, said, “Since 2011 we have given almost a
thousand homes away to veterans in military families across the country. We are thrilled to be able to do that. To honor them for their service, and thank them for the service they have given our country.”

Army Sergeant Allison joined the military in 2007 and served until his honorable discharge in 2015. His years serving caused him to face multiple bodily injuries. His new home will include accommodations to help aid with his injuries and the needs of his family.

Mr. Allison, his wife and children have already fallen in love with their new home and can not wait to settle in and meet their new neighbors.

-Frank Notarbartolo

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