“The First Tee” Program Comes To Raleigh County School

LESTER.,WV (WOAY) – Lester Elementary student’s will now have the chance to learn about golf, thanks to a new nationwide program. Physical Education classes have already started implementing The First Tee Program.

The program is designed to teach students the fundamentals of golf while also adding character development skills like respect, courtesy and responsibility.

“We’re doing all these things that lack in sports now a days and home life sometimes,” Director of The First Tee of WV in Beckley Richard Kissinger said.

The First Tee School Program originally started in 2004 and according to employees they have helped over 30 thousand students in WV. Students will engage in fun lessons that will enhance their physical activity along with improve their motor skill developments.

All of this was made possible with a five thousand dollar donation by MedExpress. The money will be used for P.E. instructor training and equipment for both Lester Elementary and Alderson Elementary in Greenbrier County.

Beckley MedExpress Center Manager Laura Grahonya, “I think this will teach the kids some different skills as far as integrity and being able to work on something while trying to be the best that they can at something.”

P.E. Instructor Maygan Mollohan told Newswatch, “If it wasn’t for MedExpress and their donation I’d be unable to provide this experience for my students.”

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