The Effects Winter Weather Can Have On Pets

BECKLEY, WV (WOAY) – The temperature outside is dropping and can get extremely cold! Not many people like being out in those cold temperatures for long periods of time. When the cold winds blow, if not dressed properly, it can hurt our face, hands, and feet. Especially if we’re outside for long periods of time.

The cold temperatures can also have that effect on our animals. Especially dogs, they have to go outside to use the bathroom but owners should be aware of how the cold temperatures can effect them.

One local veterinarian tells us how important it is to protect our pets from the cold temperatures.

“It’s just important to constantly check on them. If they’re strictly outside animals, you really need to constantly check on them several times throughout the day and make sure that they have all their needs met. That they’re not cold, that they have water and if they are, especially if it’s getting below 30 degrees for sure they really need to be brought inside.” Said Dr. Leigh Deal, Associate Veterinarian for Beckley Veterinary Hospital.

Dogs can experience hypothermia and frost bite on the bottom of their paws, their feet pads and the tips of their ears. Though they may have to go outside in the cold, make sure they are not out there for long periods of time.




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