The Effects Of Extreme Cold Weather

BECKLEY, WV (WOAY) – It is not safe to be out in extremely cold weather. A lot of people have to work, go to different places, and may not have much of a choice. There are ways to protect ourselves during times like this.

There are still a couple of months left until winter season is over, meaning there are still more cold temperatures to come. West Virginia is expected to receive extremely cold weather for the next few days. Extreme cold weather can affect our bodies.

A local Doctor tells us what some of those effects can be.

“First of all the dry wind and dry air and sunshine can cause dry, chapped skin. You can get sun burns much like you would in the summer months. It also can make it harder to breathe, if you’re prone to having asthma attacks it can cause those to come on more frequently.” Said Dr. Johnny Walker, Medical Doctor for Access Health

Wind chills below zero are expected and this can cause life-threatening issues.

“It can also lead to increase strain on your heart, especially if it’s snowing, you’re out cleaning your car moving snow. Anything that puts extra stress on your body can put extra stress on your heart and your lungs both.” Said, Dr. Walker.

Animals are affected by extremely cold weather as well.

“They will become hypothermic very easily, especially when the weather drops to 35 and below. You’re really in a situation where they need to be addressed and taken care of.” Said Dr. Leigh Deal, Veterinarian Hospital

For a forecast like a strong Polar Vortex, it’s important to protect ourselves and our animals.

“The most important thing to protect yourself on winter months is to make sure that you are wearing temperature appropriate clothing and that you’re paying attention to the weather so you know what to plan for.” Said, Dr. Walker.

“The main thing is shelter and warmth, so those are the keys.” Said, Dr. Deal.

The cold temperatures are set to last until Thursday, January 3lst. Bring the animals inside, if you have to go out dress warm and don’t stay out long.



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