The Danger Of Being In An Abandoned Mine As Three Remain Missing

CLEAR CREEK, WV (WOAY) – The West Virginia Office of Miners’ Health, Safety, and Training (MHS&T), Raleigh County Sheriff’s Department, and The National Guard are continuing in the search to find and rescue the remaining three who are inside the abandoned mine. The family members, friends and the rescue team members are concerned about the safety of the missing three because of the dangers that lie in coal mines.

The search for three of the four that are still missing in the Rock House Powellton Mine. Erica Treadway, 31, Kayla Williams, 25 and Cody Beverly 21. The grandfather of one of the missing people tells us: “My grandson is one of the, the boy that’s underground still.” Said Greg Scarbro

According to the family members they know the reason as to why the original four went inside the mine and feel that abandoned coal mines should be sealed better so that no one can get inside them.  ” An abandoned coal mine is a very dangerous place to be, don’t go in. I talked to the governor last night he was here, we talked about some ways to sealing up these abandoned mines better.” Said Scarbro

It has been well over 72 hours that the missing people have been inside the mine and rescue team members are working tirelessly to find them. Sheriff Scott Vanmeter of The Raleigh County Sheriff’s Department explains how the search has been going, ” You know they, the mine rescue team went in yesterday, they came out, at some point Mr. Williams came out, we found him, he came out of the mine, gave us some information; the mine rescue team went back in late last night into the morning.”

Being inside any coal mine can be extremely dangerous and it’s a major concern that the remaining three are found safe and rescued. Scarbro says in a plead for help, “Please get them out!”
“Biggest concern is to get them out safely and alive and that’s the only concern right now.” Said Sheriff Vanmeter.

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