The Countdown Has Begun: Santa Claus Arrives At Crossroads Mall!


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Beckley as a helicopter landed in the parking lot of the Crossroads Mall today carrying Good Ol’ St. Nicholas.


The mall was filled with long lines as families waited to get their Christmas photo with St. Nicholas and have their children tell him what they want for Christmas.


The Davis family came out to see Santa and celebrate their first Christmas outing with their daughter Lilianna.


“She wanted to see Santa.  She’s always been excited since we started putting up Christmas decorations.  So yeah,  she’s been really happy about it,” shared Marvin and Megan Davis, parents of Lilianna.


Santa Claus landed early Saturday morning filling the mall with cheer and happy aspects of the Christmas season as many stores began to run early holiday sales.


“It’s just a kick off of our holiday season.  Our stores are having fantastic sales Black Friday.   Already there’s lines in them and so it looks good.  It looks like it’s going to be a happy holiday season,” said Kathy Housch, Mall Manager.


Santa Claus has been arriving  at the Crossroads Mall for over 30 years.  The mall manager, Kathy Housch, explained that Santa’s arrival continues to be welcomed and a highlight that kicks off the holiday season.


“The kids faces and their excitement, it never gets old,” said Housch.


Santa Claus will be at the Crossroads Mall until December 24 when he will have to leave to make special deliveries to all the good girls and boys for Christmas

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